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Re: Booth at Chemnitzer Linux Tage 2012

Hi there,

Am 23.01.2012 10:04, schrieb Jan Wagner:
> as I wrote last week, our booth was accepted by the host.
> On Monday 28 November 2011 19:27:06 Jan Wagner wrote:
>> If you plan to attend and want to get registered officially as
>> an exhibitors, please get in touch with me. There are usualy a
>> couple of sponsored tickets available by the host for the event,
>> social evening and indoor camping. If you think you need ask for
>> such a ticket, please leave me a note in this issue, I'll have a
>> look at it and try to make decisions on your requirements. As
>> soon as I have knowledge about the costs for "unsponsored"
>> exhibitor tickets, I'll hint you.
> Some more details about this (and maybe money to spend):
> Tickets for the conference: 8 Eur Indoorcamping[1]: last year 2 Eur
> afaik.
> Tickets for the (best seen) Social Event on saterday: 25 Eur 
> BoothTickets (combination of all above + free backstage catering):
> 40 Eur
> If you want to get one of the two latter, please get in touch with
> me til 25.02.2012. When you consider to be at the social event, you
> should think about taking a boothticket, cause there is 25+8 Eur
> for just beeing there, but the boothtickets will supply you with
> free food for the whole event (and camping). :)
> There is also a small amount of sponsored boothtickets. If you feel
> you need one of those, please also leave me a hint.
> The next step is now to find people willing to staff the booth and
> to manage what equipment is required and who brings what.

unfortunately this year we are lacking a bit manpower compared to the
last years. Actually we have 6 persons at our wiki[1] without knowing
how much time everybody will be present at the booth. It would be
really cool, if we can prevent us from having a Déjà vu[2].
So if you want to visit one of the best community focused OpenSource
events in germany and can invest some time helping to run our booth,
have a look into the report[3] from last year and the organization

If you feel you want to be part of this enjoyable event, please get in
touch with me. As the registration for the booth is closing on 28th
February, don’t wait too long! ;)

> In the next 2 weeks, we will get the access to create a poster for
> the Event. We created a dedicated page[4] for coordination of this,
> please have a look at it.

The draft is available at
feel free to submit patches in the next 2 days. :)

Thanks and with kind regards, Jan.
[1] http://wiki.debian.org/DebianEventsDe/2012/ChemnitzerLinuxTage2012
[2] http://lists.debian.org/debian-events-eu/2009/03/msg00007.html
[3] http://lists.debian.org/debian-events-eu/2011/03/msg00011.html
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