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Re: minidebconf Berlin June 10/11!

let me announce, on behalf of the team, that we decided we will set up the mini-debconf during 
LinuxTag 2010 in Berlin. As Hauke pointed out we see this as a great opportunity for Debian as well 
as for the LinuxTag conference.
I will outline what we see as the core points of this mini-conf:

Given that we will (hopefuly) be in freeze by June this is a good chance for Debian to get together 
and work on Debian 6 face to face in a nice atmosphere. Given also that not everybody is willing or 
able to visit DebConf10 in NYC this is a way to collaborate for German and European developers.
We are also negotiating with LXDE developers for them to come and join in to prepare LXDE for 

As a second strong point we see that LinuxTag has about 10.000 visitors and hundreds of people from 
about 80 free and open source projects exhibiting there. We see it as a great opportunity for Debian 
to interest and attract new people to the project, show openness and pride and line out what it 
takes to be involed in Debian. There has been a lot of discussion on how Debian should be more open 
for non-coders in the past and also on debian-vote list in the ongoing DPL campaign. That point 
could be emphasized to the visitors of the conference.

Along the lines of those 2 points we are thinking of creating a mixed program of talks and panel 
discussions consisting of talks interesting for debian people and beginners talks that attract 
visitors of LinuxTag.

We have been able to straighten out the financial side of the conference (still looking for sponsors 
though). Now we need you to commit to this by saying you will participate in different ways, like 
holding talks, running an info point, helping with the setup ahead of the event or just by being 
there to make this a success for Debian as well as LinuxTag. 
We have set up a wiki for this at http://wiki.debconf.org/wiki/Miniconf-LT-Berlin/2010 and we really 
hope to see your commitment there soon. You can also contact us directly at IRC channel OFTC 
#debian-miniconf-berlin if you have money, hardware, questions, ideas and good wishes :)
So, lets make this thing happen!

on behalf of the team:

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