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Re: minidebconf Berlin June 10/11?

Hello Hauke,

Jan Hauke Rahm schrieb am 24.03.2010 10:14:

> But to make all this happen, there is still a lot to do. Are you -- no
> -- are we willing to take that chance? Since we're bound to contracts,
> we need to decide ASAP, this weekend actually.  So, if you know where to
> get money or equipment, if you think you can come and help installing
> the hardware (video, stage whatever), if you want to talk about anything
> in Debian (German preferred but a few english talks would be cool, too),
> or if you just have ideas what to talk about (and have possible
> candidates to do so), this is YOUR time to step up.

as discussed at the CLT2010 I would happily manning a small
debianforum.de booth at the miniDebconf if this is desired. I also
posted your announcement on
https://debianforum.de/forum/viewtopic.php?f=15&t=118139 to get a little
bit wider audience.


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