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Re: [Fwd: 6. Brandenburger Linux-Infotag: Call for Paper]


Jan Hauke Rahm schrieb am Fri, Jul 31, 2009 at 02:19:07PM +0200:
> http://wiki.debian.org/DebianEventsDe/2009/BLIT

Jan just noticed that he has an unexpected date collision for the BLIT
and since I have a talk at BLIT, he asked if I could short-term take
over the booth organising. I will.

I would be happy if some of the Berlin located Debianers (Nion?
Hessophanes?) would join me for the booth (even if only part-time)
anyway. Because I don't know much about KDE and not much more about
GNOME either.

formorer: Jan sounded as if he didn't request merchandising stuff yet
because it wasn't sure if the booth will come about.

Anyway, since the booth is a joint booth (well, two tables side by
side) with Sidux, we'll have always someone at the booth, so we can
also sell some merchandising stuff.

formorer: There will be approx. 400 to 600 visitors according to Frank
Hofmann, one of the BLIT organisers. He can also receive and store the
merchandising stuff and maybe the big blanket with the logo. I'll send
you his contact details in a separate mail.

		Regards, Axel
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