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BSP in Munich, Germany, November 28/29th


we are organizing a Bug-Squashing-Party in Munich on the last weekend of
November: http://wiki.debian.org/BSP2009/Munich

The BSP will take place in the Limux offices (warning! for those who
were present at the last Munich BSP; Limux has moved offices since) on
Sonnenstr. 25, near U-Bahn station "Sendlinger Tor".

You do not need to be a Debian Developer or even maintainer to join a
BSP, being a seasoned Debian user who knows how to deal with bugs and
how to build packages is enough.  In fact, BSPs are one of the best ways
to become engaged in the Debian community.  If you want to participate,
please add your name on the above wiki page.

Coordination of the BSP prior to the event itself will take place on
area-muc@teams.debian.net.  If you are from outside Munich and want to
attend the BSP, please let us know so we can maybe arrange something
like limited travel sponsorship or lodging.  We specially invite people
from within 150 km, like Nuremberg/Erlangen, Salzburg, Ulm, Augsburg and

We probably start the BSP at some point on Friday evening already, but
the main action will be on Saturday and Sunday.  Depending on demand, an
introduction to the BSP will be held on Friday evening or Saturday

People should bring their notebooks and possibly an ethernet cable.
Wireless will be present as well, but a certain bandwidth cannot be
guaranteed.  If somebody wants to attend the BSP who does not have a
notebook, please contact us in order to organize something.

See you then,


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