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Re: Mail from Chile, Sudamerica - Linux Debian User Group

Hi Miguel

> Good Evening, my name is Miguel, i'm study Informatic Enginner, in
> institute professional DuocUC ( www.duoc.cl <http://www.duoc.cl> ). I'am
> coordinatir of the Linux Debian User Group in my instituto, we have
> organization events of linux in my country, and we want to request the
> support of Debian, we promote debian in university and institute, we
> want to request cd's, t-shirts, posters, etc. the events was realized in
> November in my institute DuocUC, I wait to possess the support of you ;)

Thank you very much for your and your group's support for Debian!
Unfortunately Debian itself as a non-commercial project does not
distribute/sell any merchandising material. The purchase, distribution
and selling of merchandising material is usually handled by
Debian-affiliated local or national groups. We can only provide you with
designs, logos etc.

There are however a lot of pretty active Debian groups all over Latin
America[0], maybe you can get in contact with one of them for a conjoint
purchase of t-shirts, posters etc.

Good luck with your event!

[0] http://wiki.debian.org/DebianLatinoamerica/LocalGroups

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