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Mail from Chile, Sudamerica - Linux Debian User Group

Good Evening, my name is Miguel, i'm study Informatic Enginner, in institute professional DuocUC ( www.duoc.cl ). I'am coordinatir of the Linux Debian User Group in my instituto, we have organization events of linux in my country, and we want to request the support of Debian, we promote debian in university and institute, we want to request cd's, t-shirts, posters, etc. the events was realized in November in my institute DuocUC, I wait to possess the support of you ;)

pd: my english is very bad sorry :(


Miguel Fuentes Boglio.
Estudiante de Ingenieria en Ejecucion Informatica.

D-Link Basic Certification - DBC
D-Link Basic Certification Express - DBCEX
MSDN Desarrollador 2 Estrellas Microsoft .NET


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