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Re: FOSDEM: schedule, booth, and devroom volunteers

On Thu, January 31, 2008 11:55, Wouter Verhelst wrote:
> I'd like to ask for a volunteer to "man" the developers' room. We did
> this last year, in that besides myself, Steve McIntyre and Thijs Kinkhorst
> both had a half-day shift in the developers' room where they'd introduce
> speakers and keep an eye on the clock. I think this worked well, and I'd
> like to repeat it. Steve has already volunteered to do the same work this
> year, so that leaves me asking for one other volunteer.

Yeah, count me in again. I'll review the overall FOSDEM schedule tonight
so we can decide on a schedule for this.

> Additionally, we still need to organize something for the booth. I'd
> said previously that I'd prefer not to do a babelbox this year, because I
> thought we'd already done that twice[1]; but so far I've not heard any
> better suggestions (or any suggestions at all, really). If people have
> ideas of something we could show off this year, please speak up now;
> otherwise, Frans, could you find the time to do a babelbox setup anyway
> (in Cc, since I'm not sure whether you read -events-eu)?

As for some passive decoration: I'll at least bring a large laminated
"Mike Loves Debian" poster.


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