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Re: FOSDEM: schedule, booth, and devroom volunteers

On Thursday 31 January 2008, Wouter Verhelst wrote:
> Additionally, we still need to organize something for the booth. I'd
> said previously that I'd prefer not to do a babelbox this year, because
> I thought we'd already done that twice[1]; but so far I've not heard any
> better suggestions (or any suggestions at all, really). If people have
> ideas of something we could show off this year, please speak up now;
> otherwise, Frans, could you find the time to do a babelbox setup anyway

I can set up babelbox again but, as I'm traveling by train, I cannot bring 
any hardware with me. So, if someone can provide a system and a (preferably 
not too small) monitor, I'll do the setup.

The system should have a harddisk that can be repartitioned (i.e: all 
existing data will be lost)!

> (in Cc, since I'm not sure whether you read -events-eu)?

I don't currently, so please keep me CCed.


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