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Re: FOSDEM 2008


I plan to come to FOSDEM and would like to help staffing the Debian
booth. I can also bring some Debian running hardware to show off.

Gerold: I would be happy if I could come to FOSDEM with you and Gürkan
like last year. Was a lot of fun.

On Sun, Jan 06, 2008 at 01:50:47AM +0000, Steve McIntyre wrote:
> > I should also note that it's been suggested that we don't turn the
> > Debian booth into a pure T-shirt shop this time around, which
> > makes sense.
> Yup, agreed. I'll have *some* with me if desired, of course. Any
> suggestions or volunteers for demos yet?

I can again bring my MicroClient Jr. (aka eBox 2300, 200 MHz Vortex86,
MMX-compatible, 128 MB RAM, 100 GB HD, max. 15W consumption, see
http://www.phys.ethz.ch/~abe/MicroClientJr/ for pictures and details
in German) which I had with me already at last FOSDEM.

This year I can additionally offer to bring a matching 8" touch screen
and a floppy keyboard (swiss keyboard layout though). Unfortunately
the touch screen drivers are not in Etch, but I got it working. (Don't
know about Sid yet, but probably neither.)

Additionally I can bring a MicroClientJr SX (aka eBox 2300 SX, 300 MHz
Vortex86SX 486SX-compatible, 128 MB SD-RAM, 160 GB HD), which is
slower than the box mentioned above, even with those 100 MHz more and
the better RAM. Unfortunately Etch's X.org doesn't run on it because
it doesn't seem to support 486(SX) although Etch is officially said to
run on 486. It has currently a rebuilt and slightly patched X.org
running. (Would probably need a screen for that one... Maybe a USB KVM
switch also suffices.)

Although there are some cons of the kind that both machines need
things which are not in Debian, they also have some pros:

+ They don't take much booth space (especially not with the 8" flat
  screen and the floppy keyboard. ;-)

+ People are amazed that a full-fledged Debian runs on such small and
  low-end machines. (You don't want to have an Ubuntu running on them
  though. ;-)

+ They are neat, cute and attract people to the booth. Geeks love
  them. :-)

+ You can play Solitaire or Minesweeper with your fingers. :-)

+ tarzeau can play nethack on them. ;-)

Both currently run Etch, so I can promise to show Etch. But maybe I
find time to make an additional Sid installation. Both have enough
free disk space left.

		Regards, Axel
Axel Beckert - abe@deuxchevaux.org, abe@noone.org - http://noone.org/abe/

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