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Fosdem 2008 - debian track

I'd like to do a talk at Fosdem 2008 on cross building Debian.

Title: Cross building Debian and Tdebs

Abstract: A lot of progress has been made in preparing Debian for
embedded devices in the last year. This talk describes the common
problems arising from cross building Debian, how to adapt Debian
packages to support cross building, improvements being made to existing
Debian infrastructure to ease cross compiling and the problems that
remain. Also included is a description of the Emdebian implementation of
Tdebs - translation packages with secondary repository and cache support
and how this support can be implemented in Debian.

Background on Neil Williams - member of the Emdebian project and Debian
developer, working to bring Debian to embedded devices like handhelds
and smaller devices. Main focus is on bringing the G Palmtop
Environment, already used by OpenEmbedded, into Debian and providing a
Debian GPE installation that is small enough to fit on an iPAQ.

Time: 1hr.




Neil Williams

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