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Re: CD/DVD for Linuxtag? Linux Magazin spezial?

On Fri, 20 Apr 2007, Marko Jung|LinuxTag wrote:

Yes, please submit your proposals for the Debian Day(s) now!
Please use category 'Debian Day'.

Hmm, that's the official call for papers page and I've thought that
this is closed since a long time.  Does this mean it is not closed
for those inofficial talks in Debian-Day or things like thatß  Is
there a list of proposed talks for Debian-Day to avoid covering the
same topic twice?

Alexander Wirt and I already reserved Friday, June 1st, for the Debian
specific talks, but if there are more submissions than last year we can also
have a Debian track on Thursday or Saturday.

I'll be there from Wednesday to Friday evening (most probably) and
will have a Debian related talk on Wednesday:
(in case this is interesting here - IMHO we should list Debian related
talks in the official program at a certain place.  I have also seem
a talk of Mr. FAI and two talks of tbm.

Kind regards



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