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Re: Call for Papers and speakers LVEE-2007 (Hrodna, Belarus)

On Mon, 23 Apr 2007, Vlad Shakhov wrote:

PS: Debian GNU/Linux is the most popular Linux distribution in our country.


But the only Belarus DD angdraug (active member of LVEE-2005/2006), was leave the country last year.

I know Dmitry personally.  I hope he signed some keys to enable other people
from Belarus to join Debian.

It will be perfect to present the Debian Project in a  adequate way. Any proposals?

Not a really helpful proposal for this year, but perhaps for next year.  Your
event is exactly before DebConf7 in Edinburgh (and even shares one day in common).
So if potentially every Debian interested person is moving to Edinburgh (my
ticked is just buyed and goes on 16.6. from Germany to Edinburgh) you can not
really expect many Debian people joining your event.

Good luck for your event anyway and greetings to Belarus



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