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Re: Debian Event Publicity

Martin Schulze wrote:
> Hi,

Hi Joey,

> [good ideas]
> This will gain more interest by users to meet Debian people at said
> exhibitions and conferences.  We will have more and better chances to
> talk to our users in person and discuss with them.

One question which probably would be of interest to *users*, and which I
didn't see until now:

Are users supposed/invited to visit Debconf - or is that a DD event
only? Seems like a silly question maybe, but still I haven't seen that

> It would also be nice if (at least) one of the participating people of
> such an event would write up something like a retrospective after the
> event.  It's been quite a while since the last report has been written
> and published on www.debian.org (nearly one year).

In case I'm welcome and can make it to next year's Debconf, I could
write up something, post it on thedebianuser.org and copy it to wherever
you like (or send it to you, because I'm no DD).

As for other events - it's mostly a problem of funding for me. I would
like to play the "reporter" (call me Clark Kent ;-) ), but I simply
cannot visit every event.

Please CC me in case of answers. Thx.

kind regards,

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