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Debian Event Publicity


it would be nice if we would emphasise on events with Debian
participation a bit more again.

This includes more planning, more thoughts about what to demonstrate
at the booths, maybe also more talks and workshops with a Debian
background, and promote the participation itself more, both before and
after the event.

This will gain more interest by users to meet Debian people at said
exhibitions and conferences.  We will have more and better chances to
talk to our users in person and discuss with them.

It would also be nice if (at least) one of the participating people of
such an event would write up something like a retrospective after the
event.  It's been quite a while since the last report has been written
and published on www.debian.org (nearly one year).

Such reports show how successful the event and the Debian presence has
been afterwards and will remind our users to attend the next event
with a Debian presence in their region.

Those reports may be published not only on www.debian.org (please
contact events@debian.org if you write up one) but maybe also on
Debian Times from aba, and will probably be summarised in DWN.

Such reports should be phrased positively - and leave out bad and sad
bits and bytes, of course.  They should also focus on the Debian
presence and not on sightseeing or whatever.  Adding some links to
pictures of the booth or talks would also be nice.

A good example has been written by Julien Blache:

and Sundara Nagarajan:



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