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Re: FOSDEM booth

also sprach Wouter Verhelst <wouter@debian.org> [2006.02.21.0202 +0100]:
>  9-10: ------

Sign me up. That'll force me not to sleep too late. :)

> (17-18: ------)

I am leaving Monday, so I could take that one too if really needed.

>   * Martin F. Krafft would bring some leftover flyers, T-Shirts,
>     Sweaters, pins, keychains, stickers, etc. Martin mentioned the
>     possibility of bringing some of his famous books as well, though I
>     heard there was a problem there. Is this going to happen? Is the
>     rest still a go?

I will bring two copies for permanent display at the booth. However,
I can't bring any for sale or my back will snap. That is unless
someone gives me an address in Brussels NOW, an approximate count,
and promises to handle any leftovers.

If it's of any interest, I would offer one or both signed for
a raffle or contest at the booth. If anyone has an idea, that would
be cool. Great way to collect email addresses. :)

And for the record, I have left:

  14 T-Shirts black ("debian/rules"), various sizes at 10 EUR each
  2 Sweatshirts black ("debian/rules"), various sizes at 20 EUR each
  10 keychains at 3 EUR each (I thought it was 5...)
  20 pins at 1.50 EUR each (I thought it was 3...)
  NO stickers
  NO flyers

I will bring them all.

Prices are according to
and do not include shipping, but whatever. The above prices are what
I paid. Anything in addition can be collected by the booth, or given
to me for thw Swiss Debian account.

If need be, I suppose I can sneak in to the university at night and
print maybe 50 colour A4 flyers, English/French I would suggest.
Please let me know ASAP.

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