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Re: Debian booth at FOSDEM 2006

Quoting Wouter Verhelst (wouter@debian.org):
> Frans, I presume you already know about this; but just in case, put you
> in Cc.

Keeping the CC as I don't know whether Frans is subscribed or not to -events-eu.

> Hmm. Getting a projector at the booth might be problematic, due to the
> fact that there's not going to be much space to do that (booths are
> traditionally placed in a hallway, which isn't much more than 3m wide
> anyway...)

Yep, we have the same problem at Solutions Linux..:-)

> Does anyone have a largish monitor?
> > Please note that babelbox needs another machine to run. The other
> > machine will host the DHCP/TFTP/WWW server needed for the installation
> > process (it uses a netboot ISO).
> I presume it's going to be faster with a local mirror, too? Or can the
> installation use a local CD-ROM for the .debs?

Way faster with a local mirror, yes. I wanted to mention it but

Probably not possible to use a CD or DVD because the image used is a
netboot image of the graphical installer (we currently have only
netboot iùmages for g-i).

I'm currently polishing the whole stuff  and it runs fairly well....

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