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Re: Debian booth at FOSDEM 2006

> "interesting" for visitors to have a look at. Frans Pop already
> suggested to set up a babelbox (d-i installation looping through each of
> the available languages that d-i supports), which I think is great, but

I will have made a testbed of babelbox at Solutions Linux in Paris
(Jan 31st-Feb 2nd). Recent news are: the thing now works as of
yesterday and has good chances to be quite attractive to the eye,
especially if you can manage to have it display on a large screen of
with a projector.

Please note that babelbox needs another machine to run. The other
machine will host the DHCP/TFTP/WWW server needed for the installation
process (it uses a netboot ISO). I recommend setting up a dedicated
network between both machines, if possible a 1GB network.

The 2006 babelbox runs with the graphical version of the installer so
it's a bit fancier than 2005 babelbox...:-)

Of course, I'll made the material available on my home page on gluck
as soon as it'll be ready. These are basically two tar files and one
conf file: one tar for /var/lib/tftpboot, one for /var/www and a

I do not use the sounds anymore: this has proven a false good idea as
noone hears them and it really complicates the setup (getting an
out-of-the-box working sound on Debian is.....ahem...tricky)..:-)

Last year, the babelbox installed a full desktop system, then opened
the GDM session automatically, left it opened for a few minutes before
rebooting in another language install.

I'm not sure I will reconduct this this year. This complicated the
setup quite a lot and installing a full desktop system is quite long,
even with a 1GB connection.

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