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Re: Minor remarks about DebianDay at LinuxTag 2005


* Alexander Schmehl <alexander@schmehl.info> [050627 20:57]:

> personal comments will follow in a sperate mail, further interpretition
> of this feedback is left to the reader.

So, now that I send you the data we got, I will add some personal
comments to them:

> Topic:		"Debian Security"
> Speaker:	Joey Schulze
> Comments:
>   - A bit to little time (no possibility to ask any questions

Well, although it is theoretical no problem to ask questions later at
our booth (or before the door), it is practical a problem, since you
might want to go to an other talk, forget your questions or your
question might be intersting for others, too.
Especially since it is quite difficult to catch Joey during LinuxTag ;)

> Topic:		Internationalisation
> Speaker:	Luk Claes
> Comments:
>   - Redner sprach in Fremdsprache
>     COMMENT: Could be translated as: "Speaker spoke in a foreign
>         language"

We never announced this talk to be in german.  So I don't think we
should worry about that, until we find a competent volunteer to either
teach Luk fluent german, or to give such a talk in german next year.

> Topic:		Debian Archive
> Speaker:	Goswin Brederlow
> Conflicts:
>   - EG (COMMENT:  That would be "Wer hat Angst vor MS Exchange?
>     Alternativen aus dem Open Source Lager" by Carsten Brunke)

The topics aren't related much, I don't think we can avoid such

> Topic:		The volatile Archive
> Speaker:	Martin Zobel-Helas
> Speaker:	b: 1  w: 3  a: 1.69
> Presentation:   b: 2  w: 4  a: 3

Looks to me like a quite competent speaker had a small problem, when the
one, who should be his partner in this talk, needed to cancel :(

> Topic:		CDD: Current and Future
> Speaker:	Enrico Zini
> Presentation:	b: 1  w: 2  a: 1.11
> COMMENT:  One needed to express his rate for the presentation by
>   enlarging the skale by 5 additional points to the "very good" side.  I
>   still counted that as "1" ;)

Impressive, that he is the only one who got a note better than the best
possible :)

> Topic:		m32r Architecture
> Speaker:	Yutaka Niibe
> Conflicts:
>   - Aaargh!  Fernanda about women in free sw!

If you ask me an other example of "conflicts we can't avoid".

> Topic:		Kerberos V5 mit Debian
> Speaker:	Mike Wiesner
> Comments:
>   - German only, unfortunately.

He asked me, if a german talk would be okay, and I said "yes".

> Topic:		Knowledge, Power, Beer
> Speaker:	Florian Möllers
>   COMMENT:	changed in the last second from Andreas Tille who couldn't attend
> Comments:
>   - Not prepared enough, but thank you for giving the talk!

Well, we had some bad luck with speakers who needed to cancel their
talks - but it seems it worked out well.  Not perfect, but well :)

> Topic:		Ubuntu Development Model
> Speaker:	Michael Bank
> Attendees:	20
> Feedback forsm: 0

Strange thing, no feedback form for his talk.  It was the last talk of
the day, and I came there to pick up the forms of the day, and I know
exactly, that Wolfgang announced the feedback forms as he did with the
other talks.

Well, I think as an expierenced speaker Michael knows what went well and
bad in his talk :)

Yours sincerely,

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