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[LT Infomail#12] Arriving, Sleeping, Shopping, Reports, Pictures - Debian

[ available in a couple of hours ]

1. Arriving at LinuxTag

   When you try to get to LinuxTag, don't follow the signs "Messe/dm
   arena". They lead to the new exhibition ground. Instead follow the
   signes "Kongresszentrum" or "Europahalle", as they lead to the
   exhibition and conference center we are using.

2. Sleeping at the AKK

   As it has been said before the space inside the AKK is filled up
   and several people probably need to sleep on the tribune or on the
   lawn. Since the wheather is said to be quite warm, that sounds like
   a good idea anyway. I'd expect the showers to be crowded in the
   morning, though.

   If whether permits the breakfast will be served by the AKK and
   KaLUG teams outside in front of the AKK building. They can always
   use some help with setting up, serving and cleaning the breakfast.
   It would be nice if some of you could help them. Since there will
   be about 100 people staying at the AKK the breakfast requires quite
   some work and coordination.

3. Shopping

   You will probably want to have at least some fluids at your booth
   so you don't get dehydrated, since the wheather forcast seems to
   predict quite warm wheather. Steffen Mutter and others have
   prepared a [56]location plan on how to get to a supermarket, a
   bakery, some restaurants and pubs in the neighbourhood of LinuxTag.

   1. http://hydra.linuxtag.uni-kl.de/~joey/ka-shopping/

4. Power down

   When you leave the exhibition in the evening, please power down
   your machines, especially if your booth is located in the
   Stadthalle where we pay power by use and not all-inclusive. Thanks.

5. Photos

   Many of you will probably take their digital cameras with you and
   take pictures during LinuxTag. Joey plans to provide a list of
   picture galleries again. Hence, if you publish your pictures on a
   web page, please tell him so he can add your pictures to the list.

6. Reports

   If you are going to write a report or blog entry about this years'
   LinuxTag event, which will be published on a website, please give
   Joey the URL so he can add your report to the list of reports.



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