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Re: Free knowledge talk

On Tue, 14 Jun 2005, [ISO-8859-1] Florian Möllers wrote:

well I can do it. I already prepared a somehow similar paper last year
for a seminar.

My English should be sufficent (if the talk is to be held in English), I
spent half a year in Australia talking about computers ;-)
Well, I finished the content of the written talk yesterday.  You can find
all material at


(for those who are more deeply interested and want do changes and LaTeX
 processing I assembled all needed files in


 ... all files are available via http but it seems to be a little bit hard
 to obtain them from three subdirs amongs other irrelevant files).

I just noticed that there are some missing bits in the translation (for instance
what is the correct phrase at the end of an auction.  In German we say:
    "Zum 1., zum 2. und zum 3."
...) and the freebeer-notes text needs definitely polishing - a work I would
love to hand over to a native speaker.

So I regard my preparation work as mainly done - help always requested and you
can expect further polishing and updating for the stuff above until Friday.

I wonder if it would make sense to give the freebeer-notes text as handout.

Kind regards



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