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Re: Pre-party party

* Martin Schulze <joey@infodrom.org> [050617 15:03]:
> there will be a small Party at the OSP booth on Thursday 17 o'clock to
> celebrate the {sarge,Debian book} release.  All Debian people are
> invited to join the party and get something to drink at booth B107.
> Markus Wirtz, their leader has invited us.
> That's the same day as the KaLUG party where we can celebrate the
> sarge release afterwards.

Ugh, that might become a heavy thursday... the KDE people will have
their traditionall "kdinner" on that thursday, too and invited us, to
join them.  Details should follow soon.  Don't worry, you could take all
three, since AFAIK the kdinner is just some kind of "lets go eating to a
restaurant instead of standing in long queue at the KaLUG party and
join them later for some drinks".

Yours sincerely,


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