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Re: CeBIT booth

On Tue, 22 Mar 2005, Alexander Schmehl wrote:

I don't take this as personal offense, but I still think it's very useless by
those who disliked on of our doings not to tell us at once, but later
blog about it or later blame in a forum.  That doesn't help at all.

After talking a bit with Jörg and the others, I think we can only draw
two conclussions here:

1) If you are on a booth, and you start to behave like this or don't
  feel very well or feel very buged:  Take a break.
  Do a small walk at fresh air, get a bit in the sun or just take your
  time to eat a Ice Cream (or Hot Dog) far away from the booth and
  stressfull visitors.
May be visitors should offer you an ice cream to say thank you? ;-)

  Came back if you feel better.
In general a good idea

2) Next time we should try to organize who is at the booth a bit better.
In principle yes.  But this requires a certain amount of booth personal
(CeBIT != LinuxTag) and the knowledge when a person who is running the
booth becomes tired.

Kind regards



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