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Re: CeBIT booth

* Andreas Tille <tillea@rki.de> [050317 08:37]:

> To make sure that it was no personal offense: I know that our both
> "full time booth" members did a great job in the past and I do not
> want to understand it as personal offense.

I don't take this as personal offense, but I still think it's very useless by
those who disliked on of our doings not to tell us at once, but later
blog about it or later blame in a forum.  That doesn't help at all.

> It might be a hint for other potential Debian booth personal to give a
> helping hand to people who give their best to run the Debian booth at
> CeBIT but sometimes is giving your best not enough if you are
> exhausted and the booth is crowded.  So it might be we need more
> people who feel responsible for this kind of job and we need some kind
> of policy for these people.

After talking a bit with Jörg and the others, I think we can only draw
two conclussions here:

1) If you are on a booth, and you start to behave like this or don't
   feel very well or feel very buged:  Take a break.
   Do a small walk at fresh air, get a bit in the sun or just take your
   time to eat a Ice Cream (or Hot Dog) far away from the booth and
   stressfull visitors.
   Came back if you feel better.

2) Next time we should try to organize who is at the booth a bit better.

Yours sincerely,


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