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Re: LOTS.ch, February 17th - 19th, Bern

On Friday 11 February 2005 00.23, Alexander Schmehl wrote:
> Debian will have a booth at this years Let's open the source (LOTS) from
> Thursday the 17th to Saturday 19th in Bern.  Our friends from Skolelinux
> / Debian-Edu will be there, too.
> If you living in / near Bern and are interested in joining our small
> party down there, please answer soon, especially if you have time on
> Wednesday and thursday, since I'm unable to attend before Thursday
> evening / Friday night.


I can be there Sa, probably Fr too, to help at the booth.  I don't own a 
Laptop right now, and I'm traveling by train, so I won't bring any 

I'm traveling from Zürich, so if anybody got T-shirts, flyers, ... in 
Zürich, I can take these (again, remember, I'm going by train :-)

Since I'll be offline the next few days: please make all arrangements 
through Alexander Schmehl, I'll give my mobile number to him.

Disclaimer: I've never staffed a booth before, so I'll stand araound gawking 
most of the time :-)

-- vbi


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