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Key Signing Party - Sat Feb 12th Prague (CZ) 5pm @ Tulip Cafe

this saturday at 5pm there will be a key signing party in prague
(czech republic) at the tulip cafe http://www.tulipcafe.cz/ -
a bit more detail is on page http://www.guckes.net/praha/

sorry for the short notice.  but i'd rather send a mail
to this list than grabbing email addresses off a keyserver
searching for debian addresses.  hope you'll understand.

mind you, you don't have to have a key to join.
if you happen to be in prague then just come! :-)


Sven Guckes                      c3d2 @guckes.net
2005-02-10 19h Dresden: Texttools Config Workshop
Berufsakademie, Heideparkstr. 8, D-01099 Dresden,
Raum G3.  http://www.c3d2.de/index.php?id=cli

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