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CfH: Chemnitzer LinuxTag

[ CfH == "Call for Help" ]

Good Morning!

Now it's offical:  I need a secretary helping coordinating all those
events and dates.

Since I produced another conflict in my schedule.

Allthough I planned to coordinate our booth at this years Chemnitzer
LinuxTag [1], I won't be able to arrive there before saturday evening
(and even then with a HUGE jetlag).  So I'm looking for a vounteer as
main coordinator for this event (Noel? Amu? Andreas? Nico? Madkiss?).

What needs to be done?

 - send the organizers input for a poster they want to design for
   details please see [2]
   Deadline:  12th of february
 - create an entry for our events page [3]
   (That's an easy job, I think I'll do that tomorow)
 - coordinate with our hardware guy to get some computers to Chemnitz
   (I asked for enough power and space for three computers and some
   notebooks, there will be net connection)
 - coordinate with me to get a beamer to there
   (One of our LUG is travelling to there, so this point might be very
 - coordinate with Credative for flyers, posters, DVDs
   (Hey, that might be very easy, if the coordinator is a credative ;)
 - coordinate with Jörg Jaspert for keychains / lanyards
 - be there on friday and built up the booth
 - be contact person for the organizers
 - take care about booth shifts (was very easy last year, don't think we
   need a strict schedule)
 - have fun (that is an very important point)

Hmm... the list looks long, but believe me, it's an easy job ;)

If you like I'll forward you all E-Mails exchanged so far.

If everything works out well, I should arrive on Saturday evening and
should be able to deliver my talk on Sunday.

Yours sincerely,

  1: http://www.tu-chemnitz.de/linux/tag/
  2: http://lists.debian.org/debian-events-eu/2005/01/msg00086.html
  3: http://www.debian.org/events/

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