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Re: Debian "eyecatcher" Project

On Sun, 9 Jan 2005, Michael Banck wrote:

But you are propoing latex-beamer+pdf-viewer, which has this problem.
Magicpoint is able to, and I guess every Debian booth will have
magicpoint around to display it.
Yes.  In case you want this presentation *only* on a both which is run
by Debian developers.  But I was on exhibitions where it would be nice
to have a presentation of Debian which would have to be presented on
a PC running the wrong operation system.

In any case, we can still port eyecatcher to other formats later on,
it's the content which is more important.
You are perfectly right here.  We first need content and I do really not
want to stop people producing content because they spend their time
in discussing the form.  That's why the first item in my mail which
started this thread was that I would be able nice looking backgrounds
(which is also secondary to the text I have to admit ...).

Kind regards



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