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Re: debian booth at 21c3


On Thursday 23 December 2004 19:50, Nico Golde wrote:
> > As far as I know Peter Palfrader and Falk Siemonsmeier will be there,
> > too.  I would guess, that they plan to visit some talks, too ;)
> i think if there arent enough people so that every time
> someone will be at the booth the booth doesnt make any
> sense.

I guess that depends on the type of booth... as far as I know, it's only a 
table || some space at the hackcenter... and I doubt that it will be totally 
unmanned a lot, even if there will be lots of interesting talks... Since it 
will be somewhat shared with the skolelinux people, so I guess there will be 
always somebody... at least to advice people to come back at a later time or 
leave the questions in the wiki or...

And because it's a hacker event, I also guess, the type of visitors will be 
somewhat different compared to more usual events... I mean, I think, most 
people can deal with it.

> i will not manage the booth alone because the 25 € entrance
> is much money for me.

you were only planning to come for the booth ? Not for the event, talks & 
party ? Or do you mean, you don't want to spend all the time at the booth if 
there is so much interesting going on ?


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