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Re: debian booth at 21c3

* Holger Levsen <debian@layer-acht.org> [041223 13:49]:
> > is there someone who will be also at the debian booth at the
> > 21c3? the problem is that at the moment it isnt clear, if
> > alex schmehl will be there so i am alone with the skolelinux
> > guys.
> I'll be there as well. But I really want to listen to some talks, so I don't 
> know how often I'll be at the booth...

As far as I know Peter Palfrader and Falk Siemonsmeier will be there,
too.  I would guess, that they plan to visit some talks, too ;)

Yours sincerely,

PS:  The chance, that I attend 21c3 has been slightly risen to 60:40.

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