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Skolelinux / debian-edu working weekend

Hi there!

Interessted in Skolelinux / debian-edu?  You would like to know what the
»german dependence« is doing?  You are bored of hacking alone at home?

Why don't you visit the german »Testzentrum« in Gütersloh on one of the
working weekends?

Topics? Testing, hacking, bug squashing, having fun.

 9. - 11. of october
20. - 21. of november
 4. -  5. of december

For further details, please visit

Good food is avaible nearby, accomodation should't be a problem.  And
perhaps you can even take a quick view at the not existing city

Yours sincerely,
  Alexander, having his semi-Skolelinux-Guy hat on

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