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Mon Oct 4th 7pm-11pm - "Free CDs!" - media lab at Art House Graz (AT)

short version:
burn CDs with us and enjoy an evening with soup+drinks.

slightly longer version:
on the first monday in october we will come together
to burn as many CDs with free software as we can.
it will be a joint venture of all who bring their
PCs with CD burners set up in a local network.

we will provide some food (mainly vegetable soup)
and some beverages at low prices.  the main goal
is to give away CDs with free software for pupils
and students and for everyone who does not have
the capabilities to download and burn their own CDs.

come to Graz!the venue is *really* nice as
it is in the new house of art here in Graz:

the media lab is a cool place to be, anyway.  (just read
the blurb about it down below and you'll know why..)

i suppose that folks from neighboring countries,
such as the czech republic, germany, hungary, italy,
liechtenstein, slovakia, slovenia, and switzerland
would like to visit this place.  well,
come here and we'll try to put you up!

plug:  the pd convention is taking place in
the upcoming week just before the cd burning,
so if you are vaguely interested in this then
you should come earlier to take part in one of
the workshops and simply to listen to the talks.  see

comments? questions?  suggestions? send us
email, phone us, or try to catch us on IRC.
and tell everyone about it, of course! :-)

see you soon!

| /             "Free Summer 2004"    IRC: irc.freenode.org  #kunstlabor
|/______        medien.KUNSTLABOR     ICQ: 38801898 fon: +43-676-3652766
Kunsthaus Graz  +43-316-8017-9229     http://www.guckes.net/freesummer/
Austria http://www.kunsthausgraz.at/  http://freesummer.kunstlabor.at/
Title:      "Free CDs!"

Subtitle:   "We burn / We are hot for Free Software!"

when:       Monday October 4th -- 7pm--11pm

where:      at the medien.KUNSTLABOR (media.ARTLAB)
            within the Kunsthaus (House of Art) in Graz, Austria
            snail mail: Lendkai 1 - A-8020 Graz
            public transport: "Südtirolerplatz" (South Tyrol Square)

who:        Friends of Free Software and of Free Operating Sytems - and
            those who always wanted to know more but were afraid to ask.

what:       Eat + Talk - and burn some CDs alongside of it all.
            All CDs will be filled with prepackaged ISO images
            and will all contain Free Software.

Goal:       Create at least 100 CDs with Free Software and give them away.
            Give them away so nobody will have to pay for software licenses.

Occasion:   The upcoming releases of new version for Debian ("Sarge") and
            of a new version of a kind of Knoppix - "grml" (see www.grml.org).
            which is in creation and first testing here in Graz.at -
            and also the beginning o the winter term for students here.

Material:   100 CD disks will be given.
            The cost will paid by those who take a CD for one euro each.
            A local FTP server (download only) will contain the ISO images.

CD ISOs:    grml; Debian (of course), *BSD, Knoppix..
            maybe Gentoo, JUX², Mandrake, SuSE.. let's see.
            Suggestions are welcome, of course!

Cost:       Soup (vegetable, vegetarian) with bread: 2.50euros per bowl -
            and only 1.50euros for those who register themselves in advance.
            to register send an email to guckes@kunstlabor.at until Sun Oct 3rd!
            Beverages: 1euro per bottle - period.  or bring your own bottle. :-)

Specials:   The person who will set up and run the FTP server will get Free Food.
            Everyone who brings his own CD disks will get them burnt for free.
            (with Free Software, of course)

what to bring: A happy mood! :-) and a few euros for food and CDs.
            You can bring your own computer and link up to the net
            and certainly take the ISOs from the local FTP server.
            Hubs and switches are provided, too, but bring
            your your own cable and connectors, anyway.

Expectancy: At least 20 people will show up.
            Eight people will bring their own
            computer together with a CD burner.
            They will link their computers to a small network.
            and there will be at least four CD usable burners.
            In the first hour we will set up the computers and
            cooking will also start.
            At the beginning of the second hour the computers
            set up and are ready for burrrrrning - and
            they will manage to burn some 10 CDs per hour.
            So there will be 40 new CDs each hour.
            After three hours we should have at least 100 CDs -
            all nicely filled with lots of Free Software. :-)
            Everyone who is interested is welcome, of course,
            to eat and drink with us and take one or more CDs home.
            A projector is also available to show a
            few programs to those who are interested.

Help!       Please help us to find URLs for ISO images!
            Which ISOS should be available?
            Who can transport Gebi's computer (he had
            offered to set up the ftp server already).
            Who can bring more hubs and switches?
            Does anyone want to donate some CD disks?
            Can you print some CD labels for us?
            Who turns this text into a flyer?
            Who wants to distribute this text at his place?

Schedule:   Afternoon:
            Transport of Gebi's computer.
            Shopping for some nice food.
            Setup of the FTP server.
            6pm: cooking.
            7pm: setiing up the network.
            8pm: burn 'n' eat.
            9pm: presentation of 'grml'?
            11pm: end (officially, at least).

Advertisement:  The medien.KUNSTLABOR (media.ARTLAB) allows anyone
            to access the internet for *free* in four different ways:
            (1) The *Terminal Cafe* consists of some old PCs which were set u
                as terminals, ie textmode only.  No GUIs, no mouse - sorry!
                Text tools such as elinks, screen, ssh, zsh are available.

            (2) Hubs+Switches.  You can bring your own computer
                and connect it to our hubs and switches.

            (3) Access Points.  There are three access points available
                for everyone to log in (via DHCP) - 24/7.

            (4) Data Spind.  The "data locker" hosts up to 60 computer
                with their own IP number and "all" to give bandwidth to
                projects which otherwise would not be feasible with less
                bandwitdh, eg a connection from home. this is free, too.

            Warning:  All this implies a *fair* and *sensible* use of
            the medium.  Anything which could have negative effects on
            others is not desired and therefore ver-bo-ten (forbidden).
            (you don't want to make us angry at you.  really.  we mean it!)

            We care for Freedom, so we use Free Software and Free Operating Systems.
            We do not use proprietary formats, programs, or systems.
            And this place is not a webcafe which means we do not sell
            any beverages - unless we do a special event like this one. ;-)

Framework:  "Free Summer"    http://freesummer.kunstlabor.at

Organizers: Sven Guckes and Jogi+Reni Hofmüller

Additions?              come in and take a look!
Corrections?            the official opening times are:
Enhancements?           Mondays: closed. (officially ;-)
Questions?              Tue-Sun: 10am-6pm
Wishes?                 Thu:     10am-8pm

Latest change:
Thu Sep 23 05:40:00 CEST 2004

WWW:    http://www.guckes.net/freesummer/2004-10-04.mur-burning.en.txt
(i hope i won't forget updating this page.. hey - send me emails!)

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