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Upcoming Linux-Kongress Organisation


I've started to collect the information about the upcoming Linux
Kongreß (starting September 7th, so it's high-time already) at

I only saw that Thomas Lange, Michael Banck and Martin Waitz will
attend and maintain the booth.  Is that correct?

What about hardware (1-2 machines), posters, flyers and the like?

Have you made plans about the social dinner/event already?

In Enschede we were invited to attend free of cost.  I could imagine
that GUUG would offer the same as long as there won't be masses of
Debian people.

I've also seen that Peter Busser from Adamantix will be around as
well, giving a talk.  It may be worth getting in touch with him in
order to discuss a closer relationship with the core Debian project.



This is GNU/Linux Country.  On a quiet night, you can hear Windows reboot.

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