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Re: critics about our presence at LinuxTag 2004

On Thu, 1 Jul 2004, Axel Beckert wrote:

> But seriously: IMHO some female booth staff wouldn't be a bad idea. (I
> apologize, if there was some, I didn't notice any during my visits at
> the Debian booth...)
There was not but I see a light at the horizon:  I have heard rumors that
there is a girl in the NM queue who spend their honeymoon with her husband
at debconf.  (The husband had to wear a "A love my geek T-Shirt." ;-))
This was a really funny story for my wife.  We have to reach this level
in Europe.  (Currently we only have this Amaya - daemon who announces
to visit conferences but showed up only once as a ghost with a swirl
tatoo at DebConf 3 ...)

> Hint: Masking tape (German: Kreppband) is easy to stick and remove on
> mugs and also easy to label. Doesn't look nice, but works. One or two
> rolls of masking tape and a few pens (thin eddings, etc.) should
> suffice...
Another solution would be to bring your personal mug with you.  This
ensures you will care for it.  In this very situation mugs with swirls
on it might not be the best idea ...

> If there would have been a prize for the most visited booth, I guess
> Debian would have won it. :-)
By the way: I did not stopped at the M$ booth but I recognized that
people were much earlier at the Debian booth than the M$ people and
left the booth much later.  I conclude that voluntary work even in
maintaining a booth is a good thing.

Kind regards


PS: Thanks Axel to your hints about the several senses of running a booth
    which explains much of the things which were criticised in this thread.

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