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Re: critics about our presence at LinuxTag 2004

#include <hallo.h>
* Alexander Schmehl [Tue, Jun 29 2004, 12:23:04AM]:

> - Booth people didn't note down when they sold something or collected
>   donations, which made the final bill really hard

Possible solution: create a mark/token (eg. a ticket made of hard
plastic) and give it to few people (2..4) that are allowed to accept
the money. If the people do not have the shift or have to leave, they
have to make sure that they teach some of the next shift how to ask for
and accept the money and how to note this down in the donations list.
Wearing this token should not be that complicated since most people had
"neckbands" (?!) (sponsored by Sun or LT-ec), 

> - The staff from the subprojects were not at the booth all the
>   time (but it was much much better than last year), leaving the "normal"
>   Debian staff with questions they couldn't answer.
> Possible solution: If you leave your subprojects booth, leave
>   a) you cellphone number, so we can phone you back
>   b) leave a big note, telling everyone (visitors included) when you
>      will be back

Precision: Below each poster, attach a sheet of paper with a table of
possible locations / return times and a magnet pointer which is to be
placed near to the entry. IMO sth. like:

M34 project - Mr. Blafasel is...
 - at the booth
 - at the hacking area
 - back at 8:00
 - back at 10:00
 - back at 12:00
 - back at 14:00
 - back at 16:00
 - out for meal
 - ...

> DebianDay:
> ==========

> - Some speakers prepared their talk for the wrong audience.
> Possible solution: If you are going to do a talk at a DebianDay next
>   year, don't forget that the audience will be mainly Debian Developers
>   and experienced users.

Possible solution: create your presentation papers before the LT begins
and let fellow developers proofread it or give you some hints.

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