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Re: schedule for DebianDay at LinuxTag 2.0

"Daniel E. Atencio Psille" <dea@atencio.de> writes:

> Last year it took me more than the 30 (really nice) minutes scheduled --
> and I was only backporting.

IIRC I was in that talk. And left it after about 5 or max. 10 minutes
because you talked about toooo much details. And I wasn't the only one
leaving for this reason, I can remember at least 5 others.

> To be honest, I (joining the audience) wouldn't expect too anything
> else than a hard and short HOWTO. As long as you dont intend to do
> more it might work -- but the title arises more exceptions.

That things called "Einführung" for some reasons. What do you excpect
from a introduction?

> On the other hand, I'll talk quite a bit about packaging (less
> technical, more conceptual and organizational) on Saturday (1700 -- I
> start to love this time ;) so you maybe could point the curious in your
> audience to this talk ;)


bye Joerg
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