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Re: schedule for DebianDay at LinuxTag 2.0

On Thu, 2004-05-27 at 07:59 +0200, Martin Schulze wrote:
> > 13:30 - 14:20	Jonathon Oxer
> > 		Linux Kernel, the Debian way
> This won't work since we don't have slots that start at *:30.  All
> slots start at *:00.

Also, I really don't think I would use that much time. No-one is going
to want to sit around watching a kernel *actually* build from beginning
to end, and showing the tools and some options wouldn't take more than
about 20-30 minutes.

Feel free to shuffle me around or make my slot super-short if you need
to, but please don't put me on the next day: I'm speaking at LinuxTag
next day.

Cheers  :-)


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