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LT2k4 -- Trip Organization


I'm currently planning my trip to lt2k4 and would like to ask if anybody
is willing to share my train ticket.

My current route and schedule looks like this:

Thu, June 24th:

08:54	DEP Cologne (ICE 503) via
	Siegburg/Bonn (09:12)
	FfM/Airport   (09:53)
	Mannheim Hbf  (10:35)
10:58   ARR Karlsruhe Hbf

Sun, June 27th:

13:01   DEP Karlsruhe Hbf (ICE 508) via
	MA (13:35)
	F/Airport (14:09)
	SU/BN (14:48)
15:06   ARR Cologne Hbf

Prices vary, depending on the number of travellers but will probably sum
up at approx. € 60,- per person.

I'm asking now because it is necessary to know the number of travellers
in advance to take use of the available discounts. In addition, the
earlier one books the tickets the higher the discounts granted.

I'd like to book the ticket(s) next weekend so if anybody's taking the
same (or a similar) route, please mail me :)

Best regards,

Daniel E. Atencio Psille <dea@atencio.de>

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