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Re: Debian Day

Am Fr, den 07.05.2004 schrieb Alexander Schmehl um 19:59:

> IIRC Joey said, Debian Day will probaly be in Tuesday, didn't he?

I hope he didn't because this would cause my current plans to be
nonsense. Based on his [1]post from Feb 5th I focussed my plans on
Thursday with Wednesday being an alternative.

Today, my plans are to arrive on Thursday and to stay until Sunday. It
would be possible to arrive already on Wednesday (noon to afternoon) but
I'd like to be able to stick on my plans.

> I think it would be better on Friday, since much people I know of come
> to LinuxTag, when the free congress programm has startet.
> Would it be possible, to get the friday, Joey?

I'd plea for Thursday - not only because I assumed the DebianDay to
happen on Thursday but also as it's not the magic "First Day" and (I'm
just guessing) on Friday there will be a lot of very interesting talks
that might be more interesting to the audience than those at the

> Yours sincerely,
>   Alexander

Best regards,


[1] http://lists.debian.org/debian-events-eu/2004/02/msg00027.html
Daniel E. Atencio Psille <dea@atencio.de>

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