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Re: Linuxtag: Boothwear / Catering

* Joerg Jaspert <linuxtag@ganneff.de> [040417 22:54]:

> Another "pool of money" I got from a sponsor can be used for the
> already mentioned "Boothwear" and maybe for catering for the booth.
> First the catering: I dont know if we should ask some business thing to
> bring us things or simply buy the stuff ourself. What do you think?

IIRC there was a backery quite near to the exhibition area, were you
could by »belegte Brötchen« for acceptable prices. And since LT is not
on a Sunday this year, we could buy some sandwiches for booth personal
and debian day referee.

> Quantity: I think about 1-Shirt / day for everyone there. Taking 10
> people/day would give 30 T-Shirts. Of course they are a bit more
> expensive as they are only a small series. But that doesnt matter that much.

Sounds like a nice idea.

> What do you think about "Name badges" of metal this year?

metale name badges? With swirl? My dreams come true!

Yours sincerely,

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