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Re: Debian Day at Linuxtag 2004

Michael Banck wrote:
> BTW, which day is Debian-Day?

Most certainly Thursday.

> I propose to have one talk presenting a sarge installationg featuring
> the debian-installer, possibly along talking about other cool new things
> in sarge.

Will Sebastian Ley be around?

> Another talk I'd like to see is one about the inner workings of d-i, how
> it could be customized and all, by an actual d-i hacker (the other
> talk can be given by a regular user who's got experience with d-i)

Sebastian Ley or waldi maybe?

> I've already volunteered to give a talk about Debian GNU/Hurd, in case I
> don't find somebody more apt than me.

There'll be a Hurd talk by Wolfgang Jaehrling on Friday at least:



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