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Re: Linux Days Luxembourg

On Mon, 27 Oct 2003, Axel Beckert wrote:

> Christoph Berg (who organized the Debian boot at LK two weeks ago) and
> I are thinking about visiting LinuxDays.lu from Friday to Saturday
> (maybe I'll be there already on Thursday). Do you need any help at the
> booth? I guess 4 people are not permanently necessary to keep booth
> running, but it should give more flexibility than two people.
I think a team of 4 people would be OK but I did not heard from this
lot of people.  Please speak up here and right now if you want to
attend and which hardware / other material you might want to bring
with you.  I have the feeling that currently nothing is organized.
Currently the following things are fixed:

   Grisu and me will run the booth, both of us with our Laptops.
   Last year we've got two boxes with monitors - this might
   be enough for the basics.  If Christoph and you would join us
   and bring such advertising material with you it would be great help.

> And are there any possibilities to sleep those one or two nights?
Last year some Debian users offered matress on the floor possibilities.

> Regarding booth material: We got this very cool poster[1] for LK from
> Joey[2] and it fits perfectly into any Debian Booth. ;-) Currently it
> should be somewhere at Linux World Expo in Frankfurt/Main. Would
> surely be a nice booth decoration at the Linuxdays.lu, too. :-)
Could this somewhere precised?  Could someone please care for the
ransortation to Luxembourg.

Who will be able to build up the booth.  I will attend Luxemburg
at Friday (7.11. about 13:00 which would be to late to build the
booth and set up the sponsored boxes - sorry).

Kind regards


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