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Linux Days Luxembourg

Hiya all,
just wanted to know wether there were some people visiting the Linux Days ( http://www.linuxday.lu/ ) in Luxembourg from November to 6 th November 8th 2003.
It certainly is a little meeting perhaps some 200, 300 people at it s most, but certainly not less interesting. As far as I hear ( via the site *g* ) Debian is an exhibitor. Gnome should be there as well.

The Topics are : ( copied from the web site )

The topics of this year include, but are not restricted to:
Network and Security: Firewall, VPNs, IDS and auditing
Desktop Applications: GUIs, KDE, GNOME and applications
Multimedia, Games and Entertainment
Embedded Systems
Clustering and high availability
GNU/Linux in schools or administrations
GNU/Linux in scientific environments
GNU/Linux for disabled people

Bob Hentges
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