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Re: -Events-

David N. Welton wrote:
> > If the powerpc or alpha box would look differnt than the average
> > "pc", then yes, else no.  Say, a Sun Ultra box with a nice "body" or
> > something else that looks cool, will be recognised.
> Mac machines almost always get noticed.  People very regularly ask me
> about my tibook "and it's running Linux?!".

This machine looks different.  That's the key -- I guess.

An average powerpc desktop box doesn't look any different from a midi
or mini sized pc.  Same for some alpha boxes.  Hence, people often
don't realise that something very different is running inside.

tervola, for example, is sitting in a midi tower and it looks like a
damn regular pc, yet still there's a powerpc inside.  If people don't
know the details, they don't notice.  And if they already know the
details and differences, they don't have to be shown.



If nothing changes, everything will remain the same.  -- Barne's Law

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