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Re: -Events-

Michael Meskes wrote:
> Why don't you like it? Linuxtag e.g. is a show to present our work to
> the public, it is not a developer meeting.

I guess, the community has to face a problem on such events that only
few people dreamed of.  Fulfil the needs of various types of visitors.
There are community visitors who want to talk to freaks or geeks,
there are average users who need to talk to developers, and there are
business people who want to talk to developers, maybe also geeks *and*
to people with ... hmm ... provessionals?

We should probably try to be helpful for all types of visitors, as
long as there is a chance that they will use Debian and spread the
word even more, without scaring half of them away.

> > I say "No" to that.  It doesn't fit in with Debian, at least not the
> > Debian I (and a majority of our users, I think) like.
> > 
> > Debian is, among other things, *lots* of platforms.  "identical
> > hardware" would mean i386, probably.  Would *look* "professional", but
> > wouldn't look "debian".
> Do you really believe many people will notice the difference between an
> X desktop on i386 and an X desktop on powerpc? I'm all for an additional
> geek platform, something special, but for the "normal" presentation
> machines, this would help.

If the powerpc or alpha box would look differnt than the average "pc",
then yes, else no.  Say, a Sun Ultra box with a nice "body" or
something else that looks cool, will be recognised.



If nothing changes, everything will remain the same.  -- Barne's Law

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