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Please check asap if this is correctly:

*Hardware :

Alexander W. : HUB, a NetworkCard and some cables. Sharp Zaurus prepared with Debian Linux as a "small" eye catcher, HDD
Arne W. : beamer, sparc,, ( 3 TFT )
Noel K. : webcam
Roland R. : 1 alpha ( Monitor,Keyb. ? )
Joerg W. : 1 * i386, kable, switch
Micheal B. 1*Hurd
Jorg J. : 1* intel ,switch, 22" moni, cable
Andreas M.: Sony PS2
Gergely N.: mac68k
Hauke: 2 pc, cable, coffe-maschine, Tux
Sebastian R.: 1*PB G4
Alex S.: Posters
Martin S. Poster
Federico H.: Poster

* On Demand:

Christian W.: 1x i386, 1x 19" Monitor
Xsnack: Waterpipe

* Now we should talk, what we`ll show.

- Debian-Med ( Andreas Tille )
- IPv6 ?
- apt
- Debian Desktop
- Hurd

* Ralf Nolden requested a bofh-corner.


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