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Re: Traveling by car from Karlsruhe to Oslo

On Sat, Jun 28, 2003 at 12:06:04AM +0200, Joachim Breitner wrote:

> sounds like an alternative to ryanair. I just wonder:
>  * How much would we miss on Sunday afternoon (some interesting talks
> there)?
>  * Will there be a car back to Germany (preferably as close as possible
> to Stuttgart), and when will it arrive? (I should be in school on
> tuesday).
>  * How much would it cost (approximately)?

I don't think we want to miss anything on sunday afternoon, and the plan
is to leave in the evening and drive by night.  We will probably miss
the opportunity to join people wanting to go and drink a beer before
heading back home, but I hope no more than that.

It will be more of a problem to guarantee to be in Stuttgart by tuesday,
since the trip back from Århus is still to be organized: Fabio will stop
in Århus and Sven won't go further than Hannover.  I'm planning to
organize the rest of the way back when I'll know who's in and who needs
to go where.

Computing an approximated cost is quite hard.  Generally, being in 3
people per car beats the cost of a train ticket anytime, will give you
cars available in Oslo if you want to have a look around and will give
you the opportunity to bring a little more equipment and/or bottles of
wine :)  It should be cheap, but the big plus is in other things.

I've tried to gather information to avoid the risk for surprise road or
ferry tolls.  mappy.com estimates 128€ per car for the one-way
Karlsruhe->Oslo trip, plus there are another estimate of ~80€ in tolls.
You said approximately, and this is approximated indeed, and excluding
the trip back.

The big showstopper here seems to be the need of being back at school on
tuesday, though :(



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