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Re: Test the CD

Martin Schulze <joey@infodrom.org> writes:

> Please test the CD image extensively.  Last year I received reports
> that some things were broken on the CD which resulted in X loops or
> broken dependencies or whatever.  I was not able to verify them, but
> for beer mats the CDs are too expensive.  We should really produce
> high-quality CDs.

Last year cd had a little problem if you choosed the "Desktop
Environment", "X System" and "German Language" in the tasksel
step. Some package depended on another one, but apt or something didnt
resolved all dependencies so that the dependency wasnt solved in the
first step. That gives an error. A simple "Yes" to the question if you
want to try it again solved the problem, everything configured fine
then. *I* dont remember any other real problems right now.
Maybe that is solved now, i havent had (enough) time to test it.

bye Joerg
Die dümmsten Hähne haben die dicksten Eier.

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