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Re: Debian CDs, games and german law

Josef Spillner <josef@ggzgamingzone.org> writes:

> So it means if e.g. CD 1 contains the kernel (Mach+Hurd? :) Or Linux...) and 
> CD 2 contains Freeciv, Nethack and Moon-buggy, we're doomed.

No. Because its a complete set of CDs of one Operating System. What
they mean is a thing like "Buy this OS and you get this CD with extra
Games" ie. the CD is only for games and only additional. As we dont
have a special CD for games we are not doomed.

> Likewise, if all German authorities drop Windows and replace it with Debian, 
> the mentioned shift is going to occur, and we're also doomed.

I dont think so. Its "If they tend to sell games more closely to
Operating Systems then we change it". We dont change our Distribution
to get the games out. We dont do anything special for the games.

bye Joerg
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