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Re: Update CD-Covers

#include <hallo.h>
* Christian Weerts [Fri, Jun 13 2003, 08:54:40PM]:

> please take a look at the Covers and comment on them.

To Frontcover:

the left bottom corner looks a bit empty. I suggest either placing a
meta-logo (like PC-CDROM known from game packages) there, or Linux and
Credativ logos. They do not look good on their current position anyways,
like beeing "pressed" by other elements into a corner.

To backcover:

Similarly. Why are the round logos not in the same group as others. Why
have they to be on the "smallest" part of the path between the border
and the swirl?

The URLs are somehow missplaced. They should either a) be oriented at
the swirl or b) centred relatively to the text paragraph before. In both
cases sorted to the descending length.

To the CD label:

 - not symetrical
 - Credativ and Linuxtag logos not on the same height
 - No space for the Univention and Lehmanns logos?
 - "3.0 Woody ..." is too high.

General question: what about renaming 3.0 to 3.0+X, since we have some
backports aboard?

Ans somehow, I liked the "planet Debian" covers more.

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